Pickles: Refrigerator, Fermented, Freezer and Canned

Last year I played around with lots of different pickles, from the traditional fermented pickles (which start with salt and water and flavorings but no vinegar) to the vinegar-based canned (water bathed). Growing up, my mom made dill pickles every year and I totally took them for granted. I just assumed everyone could wander out […]

My Mom’s Dill & Garlic Pickles

Last year I made several different kinds of dill pickles and these were our favorites! It’s my mom’s old recipe. She sent me the yellowed newspaper clipping, bordered with Scotch tape. Last year, I didn’t add the alum but this year I did, just wanting to taste it the old original way.  I begged some […]

Provolone Turnovers aka Pardulas

These provolone turnovers from Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy: A Feast of 175 Regional Recipes made a fantastic dessert, drizzled with a bit of honey I picked up at the farmer’s market. (And  I swear it tastes way better than stuff from the grocer’s.) I’ve been watching her shows on television and this […]

Jamie Oliver’s Pickled Chili Peppers Recipe

In the back of Jamie Oliver’s The Naked Chef are two delightful recipes. The first I tried was his basic tomato sauce.  I’ve made several batches of it and have 1 cup portions in the freezer. It’s a good basic sauce for pasta or pizza, with some balsamic vinegar and some red chili peppers for […]

Review: Hell Fire Pepper Jelly

I was sent a jar of this pepper jelly to try out and wow!  Spicy hot sweet all at once.  I think it’s got a bit more kick than your average pepper jelly. At first I thought “Whoa. Maybe too much.” Then about 3 seconds later I wanted more. I’ve only done two things with […]