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Frugal Cooking: Using up Leftovers

When I’m in my most frugal mindset, I think about what needs to be used up.  If you grow vegetables, you “pick then cook.”  If you’ve got some stuff in the fridge that needs using up, think about how you can incorporate that into tonight’s meal so it doesn’t go to waste. Main Dishes from […]

Growing Dill

I’m growing dill this year in the garden and am planning on trying my hand at some pickles! I’ve got cucumbers too. But I also like other pickled things and just bought a set of Pickl-It jars.  Has anyone else tried these out? Right now I’ve got a Euell Gibbons “dill crock” like thing going […]

How to Grill Vegetables – With and Without Skewers

When you’ve got the grill lit up for your meat, cook your vegetables on it as well instead of heating up the stove. Grilling vegetables can be as simple as you’d like or you can get a little fancy. You can grill a variety of vegetables including bell peppers (whatever color you fancy), yellow and […]