Homemade Lemonade

With two lemon trees, we have lots of lemons. One of our favorite things to do with them is to juice up a bunch and then make lemonade.  The key to good lemonade is to make up a simple syrup by boiling equal parts water and sugar. You can also mix up the simple syrup […]

Grapefruit Punch After My Long Absence and a Big Party

As so many bloggers seem to do periodically, I’ve taken an unplanned and unannounced absence from writing here.  I’ve still been cooking–because that’s what I do.  But I seem to have been repeating recipes and cooking really ad hoc.  Cooking for one is a different kettle of fish for sure.  I appreciate the hens even […]

Lemonade or Lemon Cordial

We are blessed with two lemon trees that produce a lot of lemons. We are totally spoiled by drinking fresh lemonade almost year-round. I think that what we call lemonade is called lemon cordial in Australia. Whatever you call it, it’s a great summer drink. And the trick to making it is to make a […]

Sore Throat? Have Some Hot Lemonade with Honey

This is from my family, I think either my Grandma or her sister, my great aunt.  I just know as soon as we had a sore throat, this was served up and it always felt good and tasted good. juice of one lemon 1-2 Tbs of honey hot water to fill the mug Stir it […]

Recipe: Yogurt Lassi

I’ve stopped drinking coffee for a bit. It’s too hot and it was bothering my stomach. But I still want something to sip in the morning before I sit down for breakfast. On cooler mornings a cup of tea does the trick, but lately it’s been too hot to want anything warm to drink.  I’ve […]