Easiest Fruit Cobbler Ever

This is just too easy. Mix the batter up and pour it in a greased 9×9 pan. Put the fruit on top. Bake.

Split Pea Soup / Leftover Ham

When I bake a ham, there are always lots of leftovers. I always make sure I dice up a bunch of the ham and freeze it in two cup portions, roughly. I don’t actually measure. I fill a few sandwich bags of diced ham and then put each sandwich bag in a gallon freezer bag. […]

Worcestershire Chicken

Easy great chicken recipe! I found several variations of this on AllRecipes. One poster said her mom fixed this chicken this way so often they grew up calling it “normal” chicken. I can see why! It was so easy and so good!

Cheesy Potato Wedges, Baked Chicken Quarters and Broccoli

Tonight’s dinner was chicken quarters, potato wedges, and broccoli and cheese sauce. The chicken quarters had been bought on sale a while ago. I threw a few pieces into each freezer bag and mixed up various marinades and threw them in. This was essentially oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt I think. Can’t quite remember… […]

Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Sauce

I can make good meatballs and I do sometimes. And sometimes I buy the bags of frozen premade ones because they’re so dang handy and taste pretty good. Tonight I thawed some by simmering a handful in some hot water for a bit, while I peeled, cut, and boiled some potatoes for mashed potatoes. When […]