Spaghetti with Zucchini

When the garden is giving you lots of zucchini, pick some small ones with the blossoms still attached and make this spaghetti. It’s so simple but tastes great–and it’s super easy to make!  It probably tastes just as good without the blossoms so make it with small zucchini without the blossoms if need be.   […]

Vegetable Jalfrezi Curry with Butternut Squash

This uses a jarred cooking sauce, which I don’t often use. But the sheer quantity of spices and seasonings used in Indian cooking can make the jarred pastes and sauces a reasonable choice, unless you really plan to cook a lot of Indian dishes. You can add other vegetables. The original called for cauliflower, more […]

Cheese Fondue for Kids

In the past, the fondue recipes I’ve used with wine in them and too much Swiss cheese have not tasted good to the kids, although I enjoyed them. I found that substituting chicken broth for the wine works great. I also used 1/2 Swiss cheese and 1/2 Colby for a milder taste. Cheddar would work […]

Bread, Pepper and Ricotta Frittata

Frittatas can be made with nearly anything you have around or nearly nothing, as long as you have some eggs and a vegetable of some kind.  Last night I saw the idea of adding stale bread to the egg mixture in Lidia’s Italy in America in her recipe for sausage, bread and pepper frittata. She […]

Avocado Tostadas

When avocados are perfect, I like to make vegetarian tostadas with them so we can really enjoy the avocados.  If I plan ahead, I like to make refried beans or even just cooked pinto beans. But I almost always have a can of refried beans or black beans in the pantry. I fry up a […]