Chicken-Fried Steak

I never ate chicken-fried steak growing up. I don’t know if we inherit tastes or not. But I do like Southern food and my paternal grandpa was born in Tennessee, then lived in Oklahoma for a while. My dad tells me his dad could pick out a perfect watermelon in the grocery store, but only […]

Meat Loaf with Maple Syrup Topping

This Meat Loaf with Maple Syrup Topping is a favorite meatloaf recipe of ours that got left off when I redesigned the site.  Karissa just emailed me and asked about it so here it is!

Mustard Meatloaf with Bacon

This is from one my all-time favorite cookbooks, Let’s Eat In Quick and Delicious Weekday Meals, only available used on Amazon apparently. It’s quite a bargain at a penny! Save

Hamburger Stroganoff

Hamburger stroganoff! I haven’t made this for years but someone just wrote asking me where this recipe went so here it is! This is much easier on the food budget than stroganoff made with steak. My kids used to love this. I would often make this without the mushrooms if I didn’t have any. Or […]

Simple Beef Stew

I picked up a package of stew meat from Costco a while back and shared half with my daughter. Then I split my portion and froze them in 1 pound portions so I could make smaller batches of stew.  Last night was the night! I debated about several different beef stews I’ve made before.  Jacques […]