Recipe: Mongolian Beef using Leftover Steak

I had some steak left over from the other night. Usually I would have made fried rice and added the chopped steak but I decided to cook up some Mongolian beef using a recipe from Simple Chinese Cooking as my starting point.  She has you use ground beef and marinade it before cooking, but my […]

Soy and Sesame Steak Marinade Recipe

I didn’t measure this but am recording the “idea” so I can fine tune the measurements later. a few chugs of soy sauce a few splashes of sesame oil some crushed garlic (a few teaspoons) some sesame seeds (a few spoonfuls) some lime juice (I emptied the bottle, maybe 1/4 cup) some brown sugar (2 […]

Recipe: Call It Goulash or Slumgullion or … ?

Whatever you call it, it’s good, fast, easy, and flexible. I saw this and then this plus a few recipes in various cookbooks, including Feed Your Family Fast, Healthy Meals on $10 a Day (only available used but a great book!). I was thinking something with noodles and ground beef. This must have been the […]

Taco Salad Recipe

When you cook taco meat, either serve a taco salad a few days later or freeze the leftover meat and then thaw and heat some night when you need a pretty easy dinner. Mix up some: chopped lettuce sliced olives sliced tomatoes if they’re in season (or use cherry tomatoes, which are nearly always good) […]

Lazy Pot Roast Recipe

I started with the Lisa’s Lazy Pot Roast recipe from The Complete Meat Cookbook but I modified it by adding more vegetables after the pot roast had cooked. First, the basic pot roast, which is FANTASTIC! I used a 7-blade roast, which was on sale at my local grocery. I did the rub, let it […]