San Francisco Joe’s Special

I first made San Francisco Joe’s Special, a skillet dish of ground beef, spinach and eggs 11 years ago! And I’ve made it many times since.  I have used frozen spinach but usually use fresh, and usually when I’ve bought the big bag of spinach at Costco.  I’ve varied the seasonings a bit, lately adding […]

How to Make Meatballs

If you just like to buy a bag of premade frozen meatballs you can skip down a bit and read my list of different serving ideas. But first I’m going to share a few meatball recipes. Italian Meatball Recipe Adding a bit of grated Parmesan cheese and some fresh parsley gives these meatballs an Italian […]

Steak Marinades

I like marinating flank steaks and London broils especially. You can marinade whole steaks or cut them into cubes or strips for different dishes like stir-fries and kebabs. Make Ahead Tip Double the recipe and throw one meal portion in a freezer bag with the marinade. You’ll be one huge step ahead on your dinner […]

Rib Eye with Ms. Kwok’s Black Pepper Sauce

Pan Roasted Rib Eye with Ms. Kwok’s Black Pepper Sauce – Lucky Peach For Christmas, my daughter gave me Lucky Peach 101 Easy Asian Recipes. I’ve made a dozen recipes from it and almost all have been both easy and delicious.  Last night’s pan roasted rib eye with Ms. Kwok’s black pepper sauce was no […]

Quick Beef and Rice

This Quick Beef and Rice is one of the easiest, quickest kid-friendly recipes around. It’s good easy comfort food and goes together quickly. Serve with some vegetables on the side,  cooked carrots or a bowl of vegetable soup. If you don’t have onion soup mix, you can substitute an onion and some beef bouillon or broth. If […]