How to Make Chicken Cutlets

Chicken cutlets are a favorite around here. I vary them now and then but our absolute favorite is how I prepared them tonight.   The variations I’ve done over the years include pounding rather than slicing thinly, eggs and water for the binding rather than eggs and soy sauce and lemon juice, not marinating at all, […]

Sesame Chicken and Practice Bento Lunch Stuff

Youngest is starting a new smaller private high school so bringing lunch to school is once again a necessity. I thought she might enjoy the bento lunch idea, since I’ve been reading a few blogs that make it all look delicious. As soon as I showed her a hello kitty bento lunch she was sold! […]

Recipe: Lemon Butter and Herb Chicken Leg Quarters

Chicken leg quarters are on sale these days, 77 cents a pound around here. That’s about as low as chicken goes these days.  I bought a max pack and split them up and am doing two different things with them.  First, I cut them all into leg and thigh pieces because none of us will […]

Asian Chicken Salad Recipe: Freshman In the Kitchen Book Review

I saw a review of this book, Freshman in the Kitchen: From Clueless Cook to Creative Chef, and since I have a daughter about to leave for college I actually wrote and asked for a review copy, a first for me.  Max and Eli Sussman were kind enough to hook me up with their publisher […]

Book Review: America’s Most Wanted Recipes by Ron Douglas

Full title:  America’s Most Wanted Recipes: Delicious Recipes from Your Family’s Favorite Restaurants I was sent a review copy of this book. So full disclosure, we do NOT eat out near as much as the average family, which is 3 times or more per week according to the press release they sent me with the […]