Ham, Green Beans and Scalloped Potatoes

A great dinner for New Year’s Eve or Day–but I did it a few days early. I saw shank end hams on sale for .99 a pound and that was all I needed to see.       Forgot to take a picture of these! Save

When Life Gives You Eggs, Make Eggs Benedict!

Two of my hens are laying regularly again finally, with the third just getting over her broodiness. They’ll likely slow down for the winter but I had 18 eggs in the fridge after gathering the two new ones today! I hard-boiled up a few and decided to make Eggs Benedict for dinner. I used the […]

Caribbean Red Bean and Pork Stew

I saw some pork stew meat on sale yesterday and decided to make some sort of stew that night.  I found this Caribbean stew with red beans and pork in my Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition – 2006.  I had everything else I needed, including a green pepper I picked from a pepper plant […]

Skillet Dinner: Bulk Sausage, Potatoes & Tomatoes

On a riff from a bulk sausage and red potato dish with rosemary and garlic in Desperation Dinners, I made this dish tonight with some cubed Yukon Gold potatoes from the farmer’s market.  My daughter walked into the kitchen as I was figuring out dinner. I knew dinner would have 1/2 a pound of the […]

Name This Sandwich: Grilled Ham and Cheese Meets French Toast

Last night I wanted a grilled ham and cheese and remembered reading about smothering a grilled ham sandwich with cheese.  Maybe that’s a Croques Monsieur? Or a Monte Cristo?  But none of the recipes I found sounded good. I flipped through an old cookbook and saw their riff on this, which was to basically dip […]