Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

I really like the flavor of this barbecue sauce but you can also use a bottle of store-bought sauce if you’d like.  I’ve found that the sauce tends to get watered down after cooking in the slow cooker so I like to reserve some and mix in at the end. My girls like these plain […]

Crockpot / Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe

My youngest loves pulled pork sandwiches and asked that I add them to the menu this week. The pork shoulder was not on sale, but even so, it’s still very cheap per serving. I’ve got a couple of different recipes for pulled pork. This had a less tomato-ey base than I’d hoped for so I’d […]

In Which Half a Frozen Leftover Already-Cooked Pork Roast Comes to the Rescue!

Working a lot these days and the menu planning thing has fallen by the wayside. I typically finish up about 6 and am often cooking while watching my laptop for IMs and emails. Several clients are in heavy-duty push mode. Last night was one of my brain-dead nights. Hungry children were doing homework and I […]

Cuban Roast Pork

I bought a pork roast the other day because they were on sale and have proceeded to make two seemingly similar but very different-tasting dishes. The roast was a bone-in cut. I wanted half it to make pork carnitas again, so cut the roast roughly in half. They came out as delicious as always. I […]

Soft Tacos with Pork Carnitas

Record the day. I almost followed a recipe exactly. I did, however, begin with a different cut of meat… This is from the most recent issue of Cooking Light. I have to say I stopped my subscription because I got tired of all the non-cooking stuff in there. I don’t want to read about exercise, […]