Zucchini and Corn Chalupas (aka Tostadas)

Are you still swimming in zucchini? I’ve made zucchini pickles (two batches because my boyfriend ate the first batch all up!), zucchini bread and now zucchini and corn chalupas.  I’ve started picking them smaller and smaller, which is fun when they still have the blossoms attached. I save those for fried squash blossoms. The other […]

Calculating The Cost of Meat Per Serving

I used to have a calculator online that would help you calculate the cost per serving of different cuts of meat.  I don’t have access to that anymore so found a few replacements for anyone coming here to find my old calculator. The Dollar Stretcher has one here. There’s another one here. In the meantime, […]

Cooking for One or Two People

Cooking for one or two without wasting food can be challenge. You’ll need to either learn to pare down recipes or use your freezer so you don’t get bored eating the same thing too many times in a row. Use your Freezer to Save Half for Another Day Prepare a standard recipe for a casserole, […]

Grocery Budget Tips

I don’t have a “budget” per se. I do track what I spend on everything though. I can see what areas I need to cut down on and which would have the biggest impact. And I know about what I need each month. I also know areas where I can cut down if I have […]

Stretch That Chicken (Or Turkey)

Have a whole chicken and need to make it last? Here are some ideas. I substitute chicken and turkey freely in the recipes below. 1. Roast the chicken in your favorite manner. Serve with plenty of side dishes to ensure that there is leftover chicken. To be sure, set aside the portion you want to […]