Make Your Own Indian Curry Paste

While cruising a few other frugal blogs, I saw this recipe for making your own Indian curry paste, which caught my eye.  I especially liked how she suggested freezing it in portions suitable to your family size. I made this tonight and am freezing it 10 portions. She said the original was suitable for a […]

When Menu Plans Change, Save the Produce!

It happens to all of us. You make a menu plan, you do the shopping, and then something happens.  I had a recipe I wanted to try that called for a red and yellow pepper but then I didn’t get to it. No way was I going to waste those peppers so I washed them, […]

King Ranch Chicken Casserole Again

There are lots of stories about where this King Ranch Chicken Casserole comes from but let me say it is a delicious casserole!  I even make it when I don’t have leftover chicken to use up. Tonight I bought a whole chicken, on sale and with a 30% off coupon so about $4 for a […]

Marshmallows in the Freezer

Just a quick note… Last summer at some point I read about some unusual (to me) things that people keep in their freezers. Potato chips. Marshmallows. And a few others I don’t remember…but the marshmallows stuck in my mind. I had bought an outside fire pit with some birthday money and we had really enjoyed […]

Breakfast Burritos

My youngest has decided she loves breakfast burritos but I can’t cook them every day. Sunday I made a huge batch of fried potatoes and scrambled eggs with some cheese mixed in. Then I wrapped up a bunch of breakfast burritos and froze them. Pulled one out for her breakfast today and she was thrilled! […]