Leftover Scramble

Last night was a solo dinner and I had leftovers to use up.  Eggs are one of my favorite meals for using up bits and pieces of things and last night’s leftover scramble was a great example.  I’d made pizza on New Year’s Eve and had leftover chopped vegetables, including peppers, onions, olives and peperoncini. […]

Grilled Turkey, Chutney and Avocado Sandwich

Lunches at home get boring. Leftover this and leftover that. But I have found that an inexpensive George Foreman Grill can do wonders to perk up leftovers by turning them into a nice grilled sandwich like this Grilled Turkey, Chutney and Avocado Sandwich. The possibilities are almost endless once you start scrounging through the refrigerator. […]

Bread Soup aka Ribollita

This bread soup aka ribollita is packed with flavor and is a great way to use up stale bread or leftover stuffing or dressing. The recipe comes from Tamar Adler’s An Everlasting Meal, one of my favorite books to read from and cook from!  I used canned cannelini beans but you could use chickpeas or […]

Potato Croquettes from Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Croquettes are one of those things you can make to use up small amounts of leftovers and turn them into something with a different texture so it doesn’t seem like you’re eating leftovers. I made potato croquettes with our leftover mashed potatoes today.  They were great with some leftover gravy, although my daughter preferred hers […]

Stretch that Beef Roast

As long as you’re cooking, cook a roast big enough for several meals. The first night, you might do a normal potatoes and gravy kind of thing. Save some of the “juices” for another night and set aside the meat you don’t want to get eaten that first night before you set the table. Out […]