Dinner Menu: Roast Chicken, Potatoes Romanoff, Cooked Carrots

Another favorite dinner here, simple yet delicious. And the leftovers provide the building blocks for more meals. For the Roast Chicken I melted 1/4 cup of butter with a couple of cloves chopped (big pieces!) garlic and the juice from a lemon that I picked moments before, as well as some salt and pepper. I […]

Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes, Brown Sugar Carrots

There is nothing like the smell of a whole chicken roasting in the oven. Last night was swim team practice, meaning I had to walk the girls down to the pool at 5:15 and pick them up again at 6:45. A friend was stopping by for a glass of wine at 5:30, here in town […]

Thanksgiving menu

I am starting a household notebook of sorts and want to keep track of the different menus I use, so I can find those once-a-year recipes that were big hits! Roast Turkey – Gourmet magazine, November 2003 Mashed potatoes – pretty traditional gravy – my mom’s best, with giblet broth, no recipe Sweet potato casserole […]

Cranberry Pot Roast, Potatoes Romanoff, Cooked Carrots

Dinner tonight is all leftovers, so here are the links. The Cranberry Pot Roast was excellent the first night. I froze the leftovers and am reheating them for tonight. Mashed potatoes are always a hit. But we’re in fall swim team mode now, which means practice is until 6:45. I need to walk down and […]

Summer Menu

Sometimes I actually plan my menus out for the week. Since school started last week, I sat down on Sunday and made up my plan, a mix of old favorites and some new recipes. I had bought a big bag of broccoli at Costco so experimented with several new broccoli recipes. The kids favorite? Plain […]