Chili Sauce Substitute – Homemade Chili Sauce

How to Make Chili Sauce I use chili sauce about once a year I think and it usually seems to be for some spontaneous recipe. Rather than keep a bottle on hand I’ve learned to mix it up myself. I always have cans of tomato sauce on hand (or bags of homemade tomato sauce in the […]

Not Round Table’s Creamy Garlic Sauce for Pizza

This is not Round Table’s creamy garlic sauce. I don’t think. To be honest, I haven’t had that for quite a while but I used to really like it. Then I started making my own pizzas for the most part. I’ve mostly stuck to a red sauce, marinara, but lately I started really wanting a […]

How to Make Turkey or Chicken Gravy

So you’ve cooked the turkey and now you need to learn how to make turkey (or chicken) gravy. After you’ve let the big bird rest a bit on the rack in the pan, tilt it so that the juices run out of the cavity and into your roasting pan. Remove the bird to the cutting […]

Tzatziki Sauce Recipe: Yogurt with Cucumbers

There are variations of this in many different cuisines. Try to mix this up at least half an hour before eating so the flavors can blend.  You could mix this up in the morning and refrigerate until evening if you have time.  But it’s still good even if it only has half an hour to […]

Tahini Sauce Recipe

I first ate Tahini Sauce at a kebab and falafel restaurant when my fiddle teacher and I went out to lunch in Walnut Creek. It has a distinct flavor: a slight bitterness almost but in a really good way! I could not stop eating it. This version is from Jerusalem: A Cookbook, which is a […]