Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Tomato

The intersection of seasons makes for interesting menus sometimes. Last night, I was torn between summer food (BLTs) and winter food (grilled cheese with tomato soup) so I combined them.

Chicken and Rice Recipe Italian Style

This Chicken and Rice Recipe¬†was my first “fall” dish, as it cooled off a little yesterday evening and I felt like something warm and comforting. I’ve made this enough times that the page in the cookbook (Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy) is wrinkled and splattered and I’ve almost got it memorized. I see […]

Cauliflower Cheese

I was rereading The Shell Seekers (affiliate link), a lovely book, and they kept serving cauliflower cheese during the war. It made me want to try some. When I looked it up, it seems it is basically cooked cauliflower with a cheese sauce on top, sounded both easy and good. And I had a cauliflower […]

Iceberg Lettuce with a Simple Cream Dressing

I had done an earlier variation of this dressing that Jacques Pepin has in his Fast Food My Way cookbook. This one, from The Supper Book: 10th Anniversary Edition, starts with cream but uses more vinegar and adds sugar for a sweet touch and leaves out the salt and pepper. ¬† I used half and […]

Beef Stew with Coffee: 60 cents a serving

I’ve learned that Sunday afternoons seem a good time to cruise the marked down meat aisle at my local Safeway. I do this to save money, but I have to admit there’s some challenge I enjoy, having some meat added to my menu at the last minute. I typically go the grocery store with a […]