Cauliflower Cheese

I was rereading The Shell Seekers (affiliate link), a lovely book, and they kept serving cauliflower cheese during the war. It made me want to try some. When I looked it up, it seems it is basically cooked cauliflower with a cheese sauce on top, sounded both easy and good. And I had a cauliflower […]

Iceberg Lettuce with a Simple Cream Dressing

I had done an earlier variation of this dressing that Jacques Pepin has in his Fast Food My Way cookbook. This one, from The Supper Book: 10th Anniversary Edition, starts with cream but uses more vinegar and adds sugar for a sweet touch and leaves out the salt and pepper.   I used half and […]

Beef Stew with Coffee: 60 cents a serving

I’ve learned that Sunday afternoons seem a good time to cruise the marked down meat aisle at my local Safeway. I do this to save money, but I have to admit there’s some challenge I enjoy, having some meat added to my menu at the last minute. I typically go the grocery store with a […]

Chili Verde: 85 cents a serving

When I was checking out the marked down beef bones I used to make beef broth, I spotted some pork marked down as well. I picked up one pork shoulder steak (boneless) for .73 and it weighed about a pound. I also saw some “pork stew meat” for $1.73 which was also about a pound. […]

Baked Apples

  I remember my mom making these in the winter for dessert. They would bake while we ate dinner and you could smell the aroma as it filled the house.