Corn & Potato Chowder, BBQ Beef Sandwiches

I had a boring cooking week, as I mentioned before. Then we ordered a pizza on Friday night and I was out to a friend’s last night. Tonight I needed to use up some of the leftover London Broil I fixed Thursday night. In fact, I should probably freeze the rest of it as it’s […]

Baked Apples

  I remember my mom making these in the winter for dessert. They would bake while we ate dinner and you could smell the aroma as it filled the house.  

Cinnamon Oranges

I have an orange tree, totally full of delicious oranges right now, so we eat them several times a day. We juice them. We cut them in half and freeze for a treat later (eat them still frozen with a spoon). We make candied orange peels. We add them to fruit smoothies. We eat them […]

Pot Roast Recipe

I bought a boneless chuck roast a few days ago, thinking about pot roast. It was kind of funny that when I went through my cookbooks and looked up some roast recipes I remembered I noticed I’d always made them in January! (I tend to note in the cookbooks the dates when I first try […]

Cream of Broccoli Soup

The days suddenly turned from spring-like to rainy and windy again, as they do so often after a first little false-spring weather that tricked all the daffodils into coming up! The blossoms are all out on my fruit trees and do look beautiful against the contrasting dark grey skies! But we went from barbecues and […]