Grilled Artichoke and Potato Frittata

With fresh eggs from the hen and fresh artichokes from the garden, last night’s frittata was about as good as it gets!  Frittatas are much less fussy than omelets and easily adaptable to serve more or less people. The texture is different even though the ingredients are similar because the egg puffs up in the […]

Pasta with Artichokes and Bacon

The garden is giving me lots of artichokes this spring and I’m loving them!  So far, in addition to plain steamed (or simmered) artichokes served with lemony mayonnaise, I’ve made artichoke soup, pasta with spicy artichoke sauce, sautéed artichokes, marinated baby artichokes, braised artichokes… Oh, and a raw artichoke salad!  They’ve all been really good […]

How to Cook Artichokes

I’m often asked how to cook artichokes. I grew up mostly in California and we ate a lot of artichokes.  I only remember my mom boiling them in water and serving with mayonnaise and lemon juice, which is still a favorite of mine. We love artichokes–so much so that I have 3 plants of my […]