Quick Marinated Cucumber Salad

This quick marinated cucumber salad is one of my favorite summertime side dishes.  It keeps a few days in the fridge… not sure how long because I usually eat it up within 4 or 5 days.  You can make this the day you’re serving it if you can allow a couple of hours for everything […]


It’s summer and the tomatoes are plentiful and good.  I have tomatoes on toast for breakfast, sometimes with a scrambled egg but often just plain.  I get to walk out and pick the ripest tomatoes for my breakfast, which is about as good as it gets.  When the tomatoes become really plentiful, I make gazpacho. […]

Pickles: Refrigerator, Fermented, Freezer and Canned

Last year I played around with lots of different pickles, from the traditional fermented pickles (which start with salt and water and flavorings but no vinegar) to the vinegar-based canned (water bathed). Growing up, my mom made dill pickles every year and I totally took them for granted. I just assumed everyone could wander out […]

My Mom’s Dill & Garlic Pickles

Last year I made several different kinds of dill pickles and these were our favorites! It’s my mom’s old recipe. She sent me the yellowed newspaper clipping, bordered with Scotch tape. Last year, I didn’t add the alum but this year I did, just wanting to taste it the old original way.  I begged some […]

Recipe: Another Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream or Yogurt

I am growing the most fantastic cucumbers this year. I bought the starts from the local nursery so I’m not sure what variety these are but I remember that they are a Japanese variety. They are at least a foot long and not too full of seeds. Really fantastic.  I did seed the one I […]