Chicken Alfredo over Pasta

When I originally started this blog, my thought was to keep a record of what I cooked, not just record new recipes. Last night’s dinner was “barely” cooking. As were sitting around with a nice bottle of Blackstone Cabernet that my friend had brought over discussing what to fix for dinner, pasta was high on the list because my daughter had been requesting it. But I didn’t feel like a big heavy dinner. I also had some leftover roast chicken from the night before (baked with honey, mustard, and butter poured over the pieces) and thought a chicken Alfredo would be good. My friend ran home to grab a package of Knorr’s Alfredo Sauce mix, which I’d never used before, while I put the water on to boil and chopped up a cup or two of chicken.

The sauce was made by mixing the powdered mix with milk and then simmering. We added the chicken at the end to warm it up. I cooked up some farfalle (bow ties or butterflies) pasta and made up a quick salad of chopped Romaine with store-bought Caesar dressing.

It was really quite good! The sign of a well-loved recipe in this house is when one or both girls want to eat it for breakfast–and the leftovers were gone by 10am this morning.



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