Compost Bowl

Do you compost?  I have for years so the kids are well-trained to toss kitchen scraps into the bowl. I just keep a bowl sitting behind the sink and try to empty it once a day into the compost pile and periodically scrub it out. The scraps make a great addition to the compost, which goes into my vegetable garden, which then supplies my kitchen–so it IS part of cheap cooking!

Do you compost? What kind of container do you use? This is just a cheap metal bowl I picked up at Target.




  1. For years I used a nice looking, tallish metal bowl that I lined with a leftover produce bag. I used a small plate as a cover.

    Now I use something different. It is a cheepo, thin metal tureen with a cover. It’s very pretty, covered with a bright and cheerful floral design; but worthless as a serving dish. It’s perfect and pretty as the counter compost bowl.

  2. I have been composting for about a year now. I keep an empty coffee container (the plastic two-pounder with a lid) next to the sink. I dump the used coffee grounds in, along with vegetable matter.


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