Dinner Tonight: Pork Cutlets, Twice Baked Potatoes & Salad

Dinner tonight was mostly repeats, with a twist on the twice baked potatoes.

  • Pork cutlets (without the Parmesan and with a bit of buttermilk with the eggs)
  • Romaine and radicchio salad with salsa dressing
  • Twice baked potatoes with salsa and buttermilk

My youngest thought the salsa “ruined” the twice baked potatoes.  I liked it.  But maybe next time just add it on top.

Dessert if any of us are hungry later is fresh peaches from my Indian Blood Peach tree.  They ripen all it once so we will be eating a lot of them in the next few days and I’m sharing with friends!  I’m going to try to find time tomorrow to blanch them quickly so the peel falls off easily, then slice and freeze some for pies and cobbler later.

If you’ve got peaches make some cobbler or fresh peach pie!  And if you do, use the skins and such to make some peach vinegar!




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