Food Stamp Challenge

I’m not officially doing the food stamp challenge. But I loved this post with great ideas on making it work.

I’m on my own pantry challenge, which is why you might see a pretty economical menu this week, but only if you’d managed to shop the loss leaders. For example, I can buy a pork roast on sale and cook it up for dinner one night, then get 3-4 other meals out of it (given there are just 3 of us). I don’t necessarily eat pork 3 nights in a row though! I will freeze leftovers in portions suitable for a meal for my family, with maybe a lunch or two as well. I will often make use of cooked meat from the freezer, stuff I bought at a low price and cooked some/froze some or cooked all/froze leftovers. There are lots of good meals you can make this way including:



  1. Vanessa Bennett says:

    Food Stamps are great and i wish that there were more of them.~;*

  2. Searched economical in msn but for some reason found this page.great info


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