Fried Egg Sandwiches

This is almost too easy to mention but my kids are suddenly taken with them, so what the heck. Fry an egg. Make toast. Put the fried egg between the slices of toast and eat. It actually makes for a pretty quick weekday breakfast. Much better than bowl of sugared cereal!

Detailed directions:

Put the frying pan on a medium heat. Put a small pat of butter in and move it around with your spatula (if you use one) until the pan is covered. If you’re only cooking one egg, only grease that part of the pan where the one egg will sit! (I’ve never yet worked on a level stove!) When the butter starts to bubble a bit and smell heavenly, crack the egg against the side of the pan and open it so the egg falls into the sizzling butter. We like ours with the yolks just barely set and we like them “over easy” where the egg is gently turned over and cooked for just a minute.

We cook them until the top of the whites have just begun to set, sprinkle with some salt and pepper, then flip them over. Use the spatula if you’d like. Or impress your children and/or significant other by learning to flip them by lifting the pan off the heat and pushing it away from you and then pulling it back such that the egg rotates in the air and lands upside down. Oh–you will have started the toast at some point before this, depending on how fast your toaster works and how dark you like your bread. Butter it while the egg is “over.” Turn off the heat if any thing is taking slightly longer than you expect unless you like the yolks cooked through. (Some do! If this is you, you might want to actually break the yolks to be sure it cooks through.)

Eat the fried egg sandwich.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the super idea – never been able to fry an egg in my life! Saw another site that suggests you use a tiny bit of olive oil, heat up the pan to hot, distribute oil evenly with spatula. Break open egg shells in centre of pan,drop in eggs carefully (of course) then add 4 desert sppons water! Close pan with lid, turn heat down to lowest setting and wait for 30 to 45 seconds. You will then have perfect sunny side up eggs, which will have cooked in the steam and which will lift out of the pan easily. Just a suggestion, sounds logical, clever and easy to me!

    Pretoria, South Africa

  2. Paul Tolliver says:

    I still cook my mothers famous, italian fried egg sandwiches. She started making them over 40 years ago with the freshest ingredients possible. She has since passed, but I continue with her tradition with my own kids, friends and neighbors. I’ve yet to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy them. Top them off with a glass of milk or OJ, and you’re good to go all day!

    The recipe is a secret, but if you email me: I’ll give you some ideas.

    bon appetite
    Santa Barbara, California

    P.S. Nobody in my family is Italian, just so happens my mother was married for a short time to a New York (Utica) Italian


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