How to Make Turkey or Chicken Gravy

how to make turkey or chicken gravy

Turkey Gravy! Yum!

So you’ve cooked the turkey and now you need to learn how to make turkey (or chicken) gravy. After you’ve let the big bird rest a bit on the rack in the pan, tilt it so that the juices run out of the cavity and into your roasting pan. Remove the bird to the cutting bird and let it rest, covered with foil, while you make the gravy. Remove the rack from the pan, scraping off anything stuck to it so it stays in the roasting pan.

Pour all the pan juices out of the pan into a cup and let it sit a minute or two so the fat rises to the top. You can also use a Oxo Good Grips Fat Separator, which is very useful! (affiliate link)

For 4 cups of gravy, use the following. For 2 cups of gravy, halve this.

  • 6 Tbs fat from the drippings (it rises to the top)
  • 6 Tbs flour
  • 4 cups broth (make this from the neck and gizzards while the turkey is roasting)
  • salt and pepper to taste

Put the fat back into the pan and turn burners on under the roasting pan so you can heat it. Sprinkle the flour in and use either a metal spatula or a gravy whip to make a roux. Stir until the fat and flour have combined, then cook a few minutes, stirring constantly. Slowly add the broth, stirring to incorporate and bring to a simmer. My mother (whose hands you see in the picture) is partial to using something like RSVP Endurace Spring Whisk, 9-1/4-Inch (affiliate link) to make sure there are no lumps. (I never knew what it was called until I went to go find one on Amazon!) Simmer until the gravy is the consistency you like, then add salt and pepper to taste.

Note: If you prefer a cream gravy, use half broth and half milk.



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