Kid’s Choice: Macaroni & Cheese and Chicken Fingers

Just one girl for dinner last night so I let her pick. Macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers. I defrosted a couple of chicken breasts and cut them into strips and decided to try the recipe in The Freezer Cooking Manual from 30 Day Gourmet. Mmmmmm. There are several alternatives listed to moisten the chicken before pressing in the bread crumbs. I tried the 1/2 ranch dressing and 1/2 milk and it was great! While the sliced chicken was sitting in the milk/ranch mix I figured I might as well do a few extras and just freeze them. So I defrosted two more chicken breasts. Let them all sit in the mix while the oven was heating, then rolled in bread crumbs. Next time I might try seasoning the bread crumbs with some Parmesan and herbs, but I left them plain this time. I laid the leftovers on a small cookie sheet, not touching, and put that in the freezer. This morning I’ll put them all into a freezer bag so I can just pull out a few for snacks or quick lunches or dinners.



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