Leftover Burritos

Tonight we had one of our favorite means of using up leftovers. I’ve made these with pork, beef, and chicken. For myself, I’m happy with vegetarian burritos as well but the kids like a bit of meat in theirs.

I had barbecued a big roast the other night, having rubbed in some spice mix I bought from Costco. (Pappy’s?) Normally I like to make my own rubs/mixes, but the price made this hard to pass up. The kids said it was just a tad spicy for them but I thought it was great.

I chopped up some of the leftovers and heated up some refried beans, tortillas, and leftover rice. I also put out small bowls of grated cheese, sour cream, and avocados. I heated up some flour tortillas in the microwave in my cheap-o Styrofoam tortilla warmer.

That was dinner. We each put what we liked on our tortillas and rolled them up into burritos. Very quick. Very easy. And a very good way to use leftovers!



  1. Burritos, it reminds me of the days when my Mexican friend use to come over and cook some delicious Burritos…



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