Lidia’s Italy in America

Last night I tried a new recipe for Italian Wedding Soup, adapted from Lidia’s Italy in America.  In the past, I’ve made it with chicken broth and used pre-cooked meatballs. I was worried that this version, with water instead of broth, might be a bit bland but the girls and I loved it. The long simmering with the vegetables and then cooking the meatballs in the broth made the broth taste so rich.  I used half kale and half spinach but you can use escarole, too, or any combination.

I made twice as many meatballs as I needed for the soup and baked half for 25 minutes at 425, then froze them for use later in sauces or sandwiches.

I’ve made so many good recipes from this cookbook!





  1. […] I added the recipe for Lidia’s Italian Wedding Soup to the blog this morning as I hadn’t brought it in from the old site, which is not mobile-friendly. This is one of my personal favorites so I hope you have all enjoyed it. This comes from Lidia’s Italy in America, one of my favorite Italian cookbooks. Here are some pictures of other dishes I’ve cooked from this book. […]


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