Menu for the Week: Black Bean Burgers, Pork Scallopini and More

My weekly menu plans these days rarely have an assigned day and I typically aim for planning 4 dinners.  My daughter has dinner with her dad one night a week so I don’t plan that night as I just figure out something for myself based either on leftovers or some small thing.  We’ll usually have leftovers one night a week and there’s usually a weekend night where it’s just me.  So my ideas for this past week were:

Out of the blue tonight I added these black bean burgers.  A great pantry meal as I just served them on sliced toasted bread rather than buns so I’ll save the salmon burgers for another week.

The night I was on my own I made up some Thai shrimp curry based on this recipe.  I had fresh basil from the farmers’ market and added some squash as well.

Lunch leftovers have included the pork and will probably include the last bit of shrimp curry, plus some black bean burgers.  I used to plan my menus day by day but as i got more comfortable cooking I’m more likely to change things out based on what I feel like or what’s come up that day or what someone else had for lunch, out of my control.



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