One Fantastic Meal: Chicken, Beets, and Banana Muffins

I won’t post all the recipes here in one post, as I think it’s easier to print them out if I do it separately, but I made the most fantastic dinner tonight. And it’s not just me saying that–my kids said it as well!

My eldest had a physical recently and turned out to be slightly anemic. One of the foods the doctor recommended was beets. Now me, I love pickled beets but I’m not sure I’ve eaten them any other way, other than when the Russian girlfriend of my brother brings her beet salad to Christmas. (And I eat pickled anything so the beets in that case are really just a vehicle for the vinegar.) But I saw fresh beets at the store and bought a bunch and cooked both the beets and the greens up for dinner tonight.

I also baked a couple of breaded boneless skinless breasts, which worked out well with the beets. I threw a couple of potatoes in as well, so I had everything in the oven (except the beet greens) at 400, which worked great. I cooked the beet greens on top of the stove, and then threw some banana coconut muffins into the oven at 350 when I pulled everything else out. They were done by the time we were ready for dessert, and we’ll enjoy the rest of them at breakfast tomorrow.

So the menu was:

I was the only one that actually ate a potato, so I’ll use the others for fried potatoes for breakfast or dinner one day soon.



  1. Hi Ruth — Oh, you’ll love cooking beets! There’re lots of ideas here but I’d especially recommend the borscht beets if calories aren’t an issue. And I keep a big jar of Swedish beets in the frig nearly all the time, a great addition to salads, quick lunches. Good luck!


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