Orthodontist Night Dinner Menus

My eldest is in braces this year. I’m realizing I need to adjust my menu plans a bit to adjust for the “night of sore teeth”, typically the night after she’s gone to the orthodontist for her monthly appointment.

Tonight, even tuna melts sounded “too hard” for her. Ouch! She had some of the applesauce I made this afternoon, plus some chicken noodle soup and macaroni and cheese. I gave the younger one a treat and barbecued some hot dogs for her. We’ll do tuna melts another night I guess.

It was funny. My eldest asked for chicken noodle soup this morning, as she ate rice pudding for breakfast. (You might notice a trend here. We have apple pie for dessert one night, then have it for breakfast the next day. We have rice pudding for dessert one night, then have it for breakfast the next day!) Anyway, she asked for chicken noodle soup and I said sure, thinking she meant the canned stuff, which I do keep on hand for lunches and such. She actually prefers the “boxed” macaroni and cheese to my homemade. I thought it was the same with soups. After homework, she went off to swim team and then came home starving, but still with sore teeth. She saw the chicken soup on the stove and said “Oh. I don’t want that. I wanted your soup.”

Now I’m feeling like I should make some soup for dinner tomorrow night. But if I do I’m sure her teeth won’t be sore and she’ll be wanting something to chomp down on. On the other hand, if I make what we call frog eye soup they’ll scarf it down. Maybe with some Welsh Rarebit, which I haven’t made in ages. Summer’s ending and my mind starts going for those cold weather dishes.



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