Plum Jam from Italian Plums aka Prune Plums

Using up the last of the plums that I picked over the weekend. These are a yellow fleshed plum, oval in shape.  I think they’re called Italian Plums or Prune Plums. Lovely to eat fresh, good dried–and now we’ll find out about jam!

I started with this, because I had no pectin. I left the skins on though. And doubled it. I know doubling canning recipes can be a n-no but I think I’m safe with jam. I did pull out my mom’s old canning thermometer to make sure.  Doubling it gave me 2 half pints, 1 pint and another half pint that I am putting in the refrigerator because I didn’t have any more half pint canning jars. (I’m reusing an old honey jar but the lid wasn’t standard.)  Processed the jars in 10 minutes of boiling water.

I saw all kinds of recipes with various herbs and flavorings but I really just wanted a basic plum jam!  I’ll probably use it as much in this chicken stir-fry dish as I do for regular jam on toast!

PS: I have dried some and they do in fact TASTE like prunes but much better than the prunes you buy in the store.




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