Roast Asparagus

The garden is going! This is only my 2nd year growing asparagus so it’s still not providing enough for us. I’ve been supplementing with store-bought. But I love the idea of “plant once, eat many times.” Perennial vegetables. My simplest preparation that’s delicious is to parboil the asparagus spears for just a few minutes, basically until just barely done. Then roast them either in the oven or on the barbecue. Either way, drizzle some olive oil on them and roll the spears around until they’re coated. You can sprinkle red pepper flakes, seasoned pepper, or a variety of other things on them.

Then roast at 500 degrees F for 5 minutes or so, stirring now and then.

Or place them on the barbecue grill and roll them back and forth trying not to drop any down the grate!



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