Sausage, Fried Potatoes, and Fried Apples (and Onions)

I had bought some beef smoked sausage a while back when it was on sale and threw it in the freezer so I pulled it out for dinner tonight as time was lacking and children were hungry!  I usually serve sausage like this or kielbasa with fried potatoes and sauteed apples. I had some older apples that needed using up so this was perfect!  I also sauteed some onions to make “fried apples and onions” for me, although the girls prefer their apples without the onions.

Fried Potatoes

For the potatoes, I scrubbed them and diced them and then parboiled them until just barely tender.  While they were draining, I heated up some bacon grease in a frying pan, then added the potato cubes, sprinkling with salt and pepper at some point.  When I first add them  to the pan, I stir them around so all sides get coated with a bit of the fat. You can use butter here instead of bacon grease of course.  Or oil.  Then let them sit without stirring so they get browned a bit, then stir, let sit, etc. If they all get browned before everything else is done, just turn the heat down and let them sit.

Fried Apples (and Onions)

I peeled and sliced some onions  while the water for the potatoes was coming to a boil. Put some butter in a frying pan (could use oil or bacon grease of course), then added the onions and cooked over medium low a good long while, stirring now and then. When they were all softened, I put them in a bowl, added a bit more butter, and added some sliced apples. (I leave the skins on but you can peel them first if you prefer.)  I let the apples cook over medium low until softened and eventually sprinkled a few spoonfuls of brown sguar over them (for 3 apples, so maybe 1 spoonful per apple).  Once they were all softened, I took some of the apples out into a bowl and added the onions back in to mix together for me.

Fried Sausage

In the meantime, I sliced up the sausage and browned in yet another skillet. The sausage is usually fat enough that I don’t add any fat to the pan. It makes its own.  Stir now and then and adjust the heat to match what’s going on with our apples and potatoes so it all is good to go at the same time.




  1. Corinna says:

    I had all these ingredients on hand, and thought this sounded great. I just finished cleaning up from cooking it for dinner, and had to drop you a line. YUUMMMMM!! We were very happy with the results. Thank you so much for posting it. This will be a recipe that I will use again and again, especially since I always seem to have a few apples, potatoes and onions that need to be used up before going bad.

  2. I’ve always wanted to try fried apples and onions. This recipe looks amazing. I’m going to try it! 😉


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