Savoy Cabbage “Relish Salad”

relish salad

Relish Salad

The Supper Book is definitely going on my wish list! I have been reading a copy I borrowed from the library and tried my first recipes from it last night. I’ve made sautéed apples for years, peeling, coring, and slicing apples, then cooking in a bit of butter until soft and sprinkling brown sugar on them. They go great with any pork dish or for desert. Cunningham’s recipe had apple rings instead of slices, and cinnamon and white sugar rather than my brown. They were equally delicious–and my kids are picky about their cooked apples! The rings made them a bit fancier looking and took just an extra few minutes.

The other dish I tried was a sweet and sour salad she calls “Relish Salad.”




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