Sesame Chicken and Practice Bento Lunch Stuff

Youngest is starting a new smaller private high school so bringing lunch to school is once again a necessity. I thought she might enjoy the bento lunch idea, since I’ve been reading a few blogs that make it all look delicious. As soon as I showed her a hello kitty bento lunch she was sold!

Just to play a bit tonight I thought I’d cook something I might pack up the leftovers for in a bento lunch. I’m thinking we’ll both pack lunches because even though I work from home I hate breaking away from work and then “fixing” lunch. So I ‘m thinking we’ll each pack our lunches in the morning so I don’t have to think about mine either.

heart and snowflake shaped onigiri rice balls

heart and snowflake shaped onigiri rice balls

So first I played with some onigiri (rice balls), using some cookie cutters I had around. I froze the extras, figuring we could pull them out later.

I made the rice in my new rice cooker. When it was done, I mixed in just a tad of rice vinegar, then shaped them, wetting my hands first in cold water and then pressing them into the cookie cutters.

sesame-chickenI also used some tiny heart cookie cutters I had with some sliced cucumbers. I sliced up some red bell peppers just in slices.

The chicken was this fantastic sesame chicken from this blog I found.  The only change I made was to use sherry instead of raspberry wine recommended. Yum!

Just for fun I served it in these Rubbermaid divided containers since we don’t have “real” bento box containers.