Tacos: Leftovers from the Big Grad Party

I had leftover ground beef from the taco party a few weeks  back and had frozen it in 2 cup portions. That’s a bit more than we would normally use for one meal but taco salads are a popular lunch around here so a bit of leftover will not go to waste.

Tonight I had both girls and one friend here for dinner. I still had leftover corn tortillas as well. I heated up the leftover taco flavored ground beef, sliced up some lettuce, put out some salsa and heated up some refried beans. Then I fried up the tortillas into taco shells and dinner was ready!

I like to cook but it is nice having the fixings for a good dinner in the freezer. I could spend a bit of extra time with the chickens out in the yard since most of dinner was ready before I even started.



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