Overnight Raised Waffles

I haven’t made waffles in a long time but I saw this recipe for Overnight Raised Waffles in Marion Cunningham’s The Breakfast Book and wanted to try them. They were good waffles and easy to make because you didn’t have to whip up egg whites, which somehow always turns me off making waffles. In the […]

Cornmeal for Breakfast

My dad hates “mush” of any type, sweet or savory. Puddings, hot cereals–anything–but I always loved them! Both my girls love puddings (rice, tapioca, chocolate, etc.) and hot cereals but only my eldest loves cornmeal mush! It makes a good filling breakfast and is much more frugal than those prepackaged instant oatmeal packages. Sometimes I […]

Apple Puff Pancake

This apple puff pancake makes a fun breakfast.  This will serve two light eaters so you may want to make more!