A Mild Chicken Curry with Apples

This is from Dinner: A Love Story (affiliate link). You can find her blog here. I enjoy her writing, as I mentioned before and her recipes are quite good too!  I was inspired to try her “starter curry” recipe because my youngest, who loves curry, just moved into her first apartment.  I love cooking Indian […]

Chicken Curry with Tomatoes

Dinner tonight was chicken curry with chickpeas and tomatoes. Sort of a mashup of several different recipes, but relying on a curry paste from Patak as the base. I’ used to have a local source of these but now even my local Indian grocery stores don’t seem to carry them. And I don’t like the […]

Chicken Curry with Patak’s Mild Curry Paste

Made some chicken curry tonight with Pataks Mild Curry Paste 10 Oz (affiliate link).  You use about half a jar for a huge amount of curry.  I’ve followed the same basic recipe with various curry pastes and each one is slightly different but very good!  I got the recipe from Jamie’s Food Revolution: Rediscover How […]

Back to the Curry: This Time with Tofu

My earlier tofu curry was good but it lost something as leftovers, as the tofu had no firm definition. I made it again last night but fried the cubed tofu up in a bit of olive oil until it was nicely browned all over and then I added some minced garlic and chopped onions and […]

Tofu Curry

More coconut curries…. This time we used a firm tofu rather than any meat. Sauteed some onion and garlic in oil, then added a tablespoon of red curry paste and stirred it around. I put some of the tofu in at this point to fry it a bit. I think next time I’ll fry the […]