Catalina Apricot Chicken

I was looking for a way to bake some bone-in chicken last night and wanted something other than my usuals so went thumbing through a few “community fundraiser” cookbooks. I had picked up half a dozen of them at the last library book sale for about 25 cents each. Eventually I’ll donate most of the […]

Easy Red Potatoes

The price of Russet potatoes is pretty hard to beat when I can get them at .79 for a ten pound bag fairly regularly. In the theme of CheapCooking, how can you go wrong? But for the sake of variety, red potatoes are awfully nice now and then and I picked some up today to […]

Easy Fruity White Fish

I am on a “pantry challenge” of sorts, trying to use up most of what I’ve stocked up on previously. January is always a welcome month to cut back on the spending and I’m well-stocked with food, plus have oranges and lemons on the trees and a few leeks left in the garden. I had […]

Lemon-Garlic Chicken Thighs

This recipe is also from Mama Dip’s Kitchen but she called it “Spicy.” That made my kids nervous when saw the name but I cut the pepper down a bit and they loved it. I also had no garlic salt so used garlic powder and a bit of extra salt. I also cut the recipe […]