Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipes

After I published my post on planning ahead for pizza night, it occurred to me that you all might want some ideas for making pizza sauce. So here are ones I regularly use, depending on what I have on hand. The options are almost endless for a good tomato pizza sauce. Or you might prefer […]

Planning Ahead for Pizza Night

Friday night I made pizza, even though it was just me here for dinner. I happen to love pizza! I made my new favorite bread machine pizza dough recipe and divided it into 4.  I rolled three of the pieces of dough out and baked them one at a time at 450F on parchment paper […]

Pizza and Sauce Cooking Class

On Saturday night I had offered to teach a few women how to make pizza. I mixed up some pizza dough early so it would be ready to roll out into pizzas a while after they got here. We started by mixing up another  smaller batch of pizza dough  and I let them each knead […]

Make Your Own Pizza: Homemade Pizza is Easy!

I love pizza. Just putting that out there. And I love delivered pizza the best. The hot ovens really do make a better pizza to my tastes, but the $$$!  Some places here have a delivery charge and you have to tip the drivers at least…  I do still frequently order pizza on Friday nights […]

Spinach, Bacon and Onion Pizza with White Sauce

I love those garlic pizzas with a white sauce. I finally made one yesterday, after seeing a recipe in a Cooking Light newsletter. Since we were going to an “adult” dinner (an Oscar’s party my friends were hosting), I made a Spinach, Bacon and Onion Pizza with White Sauce. The pizza crust was nothing special, […]