Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

I really like the flavor of this barbecue sauce but you can also use a bottle of store-bought sauce if you’d like.  I’ve found that the sauce tends to get watered down after cooking in the slow cooker so I like to reserve some and mix in at the end. My girls like these plain […]

Review and Giveaway: All You – Eat Well, Save Big. Parmesan Pork

I was sent the cookbook “All You, Eat Well, Save Big” to review. It is a nice cookbook, with pictures of each meal, nice easy suggestions for side dishes and recipes for the main courses.  They calculate a price per serving for each meal so you can get a rough idea of costs (although your […]

Salsa Verde Recipe / Tomatillo Salsa

I got the basis of this recipe from my niece’s boyfriend but I kicked it up a notch after tasting. Maybe he toned it down a notch, knowing I’m a gringo. 😉 Anyway, thanks to Daniel for the basis and encouragement! Lots of tomatillo recipes I saw online called for starting with the raw tomatillos […]

Pulled Pork

We’re having a neighborhood barbecue here tonight. In addition to the usual hamburgers and hot dogs, I wanted to serve some pulled pork sandwiches. I have a great recipe that takes a bit of mixing and measuring and I wasn’t quite up to all that today, since I have a host of side dishes I […]