Making Soup from Leftovers

The other night I made some sautéed green and yellow squash for dinner, minus the tomatoes plus some red peppers. This is a standby vegetable dish for me, being very flexible and loose. This time I used onions, garlic, green zucchini, yellow crookneck zucchini, and some sliced red pepper. Mmmm…. but I made too much. […]

Vichyssoise or Purmentier: Cold or Hot Leek and Potato Soup

You can serve leek and potato soup hot or cold, depending on your weather.  When it’s cold you can add some cream and call it Vichyssoise and top with some chopped chives.  If you want hot soup, leave out the cream and garnish with croutons. I grew leeks again this year and am really enjoying […]


It’s summer and the tomatoes are plentiful and good.  I have tomatoes on toast for breakfast, sometimes with a scrambled egg but often just plain.  I get to walk out and pick the ripest tomatoes for my breakfast, which is about as good as it gets.  When the tomatoes become really plentiful, I make gazpacho. […]

Simple Vegetable Soup

I wanted a simple vegetable soup the other day to go with some grilled cheese sandwiches. It had turned cold here suddenly and soup seemed a good antidote.  I pulled a quart of homemade chicken broth from the freezer, some pasta, an onion and a potato from the pantry, and some carrots and celery from […]

Taco Soup from the Freezer

Just me for dinner tonight and it’s cold out!  I was thinking about making Coconut Rice Noodles and Chicken Soup or this very good Thai Noodle Soup but then remembered I had a dinner size portion of taco soup left in the freezer. I find it easy to stick stuff INTO the freezer sometimes and […]