Top Recipes from 2015

I don’t always jump on the blogging world’s themes but I did enjoy reading the top recipes from a few other blogs I like so I thought I’d share my most popular recipes of 2015. Of course, the traffic stats don’t show whether you guys actually cooked these recipes! Just which pages were the most popular.  And these weren’t all posted this year.  In fact, several are quite old. So tell me in the comments what you actually cooked!

#1: Lidia’s Italian Wedding Soup

Lidia's Italian Wedding Soup

Lidia’s Italian Wedding Soup

I added the recipe for Lidia’s Italian Wedding Soup to the blog this morning as I hadn’t brought it in from the old site, which is not mobile-friendly. This is one of my personal favorites so I hope you have all enjoyed it. This comes from Lidia’s Italy in America, one of my favorite Italian cookbooks. Here are some pictures of other dishes I’ve cooked from this book.

#2: Jacques Pepin’s Cubed Potatoes with Garlic and Sage

pan fried potatoes with garlic and sage

Pan Fried Potatoes

I make a lot of sauteed potatoes but these were exceptionally good. I’ve made these multiple times, sometimes using different herbs although I think the combination of sage and garlic is one of the best. I do think that rinsing the cubed potatoes contributes to the excellent texture. You can see the recipe here.


#3: Chicken Curry with Patak’s Curry Paste

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

Again, this chicken curry with Patak’s curry paste is a dish I’ve made multiple times. You can vary the flavor by using different curry pastes.  The original recipe came from Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Food Revolution, one of my favorite cookbooks.  I love that you use the stems of the cilantro to get all that good flavor in the sauce.  You can often find the curry paste in a regular grocery store but if not, check out a local Indian grocery store, which is always fun.  You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the prices on rice, beans, and produce.

#4: Cookies from Leftover Cereal

I think this recipe for cookies from leftover cereal is the oldest post that made the list. It’s from 2004! I don’t buy cereal anymore so haven’t made these in ages but I do remember them as being a great way to use up odds and ends or just that last bit of cereal that everyone is tired of eating for breakfast.

#5: Jamie Oliver’s Pickled Peppers

pickled peppers

Pickled Chili Peppers

This recipe for pickled peppers comes from the  back section of Jamie Oliver’s The Naked Chef, a book I’ve gotten a few good recipes from but don’t cook from as often as I do his Food Revolution cookbook. I didn’t grow peppers this year so didn’t make them but I have made these at least twice, maybe three times.  I wish I’d remembered it when I saw all those peppers at the farmer’s market this summer.




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