Easy Cornbread Recipe

We all love cornbread here. You can vary the flour/cornmeal ratio a bit depending on how heavy you want it. I use buttermilk, yogurt or plain milk, depending on what I have around. Have Leftover Cornbread? When my eldest was a child, she would happily break up chunks of leftover cornbread into a bowl, cover […]

Cream Scones with Sweetened Dried Cranberries

When my girls were young, some other neighborhood moms and I would walk downtown really early on Saturday mornings to a certain coffee shop that had the best scones. My favorites were the cranberry ones. I’ve tried baking scones multiple times and while they were good, they never had the texture that I liked so […]

Irish Soda Bread and Vegetable (Mostly) Soup

My youngest is in Melbourne these days on a study abroad program.  I love hearing about her cooking and shopping adventures. She texted me that she was going to make soda bread yesterday because she had buttermilk leftover from making this Ranch dressing. Coincidentally I had just made that Ranch dressing the other night and […]

Really Good Cornbread – Baked in an Iron Skillet

We all love cornbread but I don’t seem to make it often somehow.  However, I barbecued ribs for Memorial Day and you just have to have cornbread with ribs I think!   I tried Mark Bittman’s recipe, which had a heavier corn meal to flour recipe than my old standby recipe for cornbread.  I freely substitute […]

Soda Bread

I used to make this now and then and somehow got out of the habit. On St. Patrick’s Day I like to honor the small bit of Irish ancestry I have and made this Irish Coddle. I also made some Soda Bread to go with it and my eldest loved the bread. It’s probably a […]