Yogurt or Sour Cream Gingerbread Cake

We had friends for dinner the other night. They wanted to bring the main to cook here so I thought I’d make a dessert, which I don’t do very often.  I’ve been partial to the taste of molasses and hence gingerbread since I was kid and Chowhound’s dish of the month is spice cake so […]

Mocha Walnut Pudding Cake

This mocha walnut pudding cake is sort of magic.  What’s the magic? Pour a lot of water over a thick batter and bake it. When it comes out, you’ve got a cake on top and a rich pudding-like sauce underneath! This is another old favorite that got lost as I redesigned the site.

Fresh as Spring Cake

As much as I cook mostly from scratch, I will periodically buy cake mixes when they go on sale. Plain cakes get a bit boring and predictable however and there are some fun recipes that start with a cake mix. This Fresh as Spring Cake is very moist and good. It has mandarin oranges and […]

Mom’s Apple Walnut Cake

I have this recipe on an old recipe card in my Mom’s handwriting.  I used to make it when the girls were little and our apple trees were bursting with fruit…then somehow I didn’t make it anymore. I ran across it the other day and had just picked some apples so I made it again, […]

Marian Burros Plum Cake a la Chowhound

My Italian plum tree was totally full of fruit. They’ve been dropping on the lawn faster than I could eat them so this morning I went out and nearly stripped the tree bare. Not sure how many pounds but a huge basketful.  Last year, I got almost no plums so I am intent on enjoying […]