Easy Chili Verde Recipe, Cilantro Rice & Pinto Beans

Our Sunday dinner last night was based on the easy chili verde recipe I’d promised to make for my youngest. I also made a skillet upside down cake with fresh cranberries.  All the leftover chili went home with my kids for their lunches. I had the rice and beans with salsa and cheese wrapped up […]

Simple Beef Stew

I picked up a package of stew meat from Costco a while back and shared half with my daughter. Then I split my portion and froze them in 1 pound portions so I could make smaller batches of stew.  Last night was the night! I debated about several different beef stews I’ve made before.  Jacques […]

Something Different for St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Coddle

Break out of the corned beef rut and make some Irish Coddle for St. Patrick’s Day. A one-pot delight with sausage, potatoes, bacon and onions in a delicious broth that has some apple juice for sweetness.

Caribbean Red Bean and Pork Stew

I saw some pork stew meat on sale yesterday and decided to make some sort of stew that night.  I found this Caribbean stew with red beans and pork in my Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition – 2006.  I had everything else I needed, including a green pepper I picked from a pepper plant […]

Quick Beef Stew Recipe from Jacques Pepin

Yes, it was 90 something degrees yesterday and hot!  But my youngest came home from her horseback riding not feeling well and said beef stew sounded really good to her if there was any way I could make that for dinner!  At first I said no, thinking of stew cooking for hours and hours, but […]