Quick Beef and Rice

This Quick Beef and Rice is one of the easiest, quickest kid-friendly recipes around. It’s good easy comfort food and goes together quickly. Serve with some vegetables on the side,  cooked carrots or a bowl of vegetable soup. If you don’t have onion soup mix, you can substitute an onion and some beef bouillon or broth. If […]

Soy Sauce and Honey Marinade for Steak

This Soy Sauce and Honey Marinade for Steak is very good with tri-tip and flank steak.  

Flank Steak Rub

I got the basis for this flank steak rub from Cooking Light, but left out their red pepper flakes. This makes a nice spicy rub. It’s not hot spicy although it would be if you add in the red pepper flakes. . I rubbed this on the meat about an hour before grilling it. It’s […]

Bierrocks or Runzas: Meat Pies

These reminded me of the peroshkis we used to get at a little shop in Sonoma, CA where I grew up. It was one of the few take-out foods we ate. These are good for dinner warm and then great to pack for lunches. They also freeze well. When I make a batch now, I […]

Corned Beef and Reuben Sandwiches

I don’t think there’s much disagreement about what goes into a Reuben sandwich.  Corned beef, sauerkraut, (Swiss) cheese, Russian dressing and rye bread.  I suppose you could argue about what kind of rye bread and what kind of cheese if you wanted. Make your own Russian dressing, for sure. It’s easy and tastes great. I […]