Leftover Ham? Make Pasta Primavera

Like many of you, I have leftover ham from our Easter dinner. Last night I made pasta primavera and added ham to it. So good! Recipe’s at the end. I don’t have pictures of our dinner. I don’t like letting the food blog interfere with real life.  Brunch was just four of us: my daughters, […]

Ham with Rosemary and Garlic

A ham has got to be the bargain lover’s dream. First, you can find it on sale at a reasonable price periodically. Half hams (shank or butt portions) often go on sale for less than $1 a pound around here. The only other thing I can buy for that price is whole chickens. But even […]

Baked Ham with Brown Sugar and Maple Syrup

Ham is expensive if you look at the total price, but if you break it down to how many meals you get out of it, it’s often quite reasonable. I always get ham with a bone in so I can make some split pea or bean soup. Dice and freeze any leftover ham in 1 […]

Deviled Ham Recipe

I’ve seen those cans of deviled ham in the grocery store but to the best of my memory I’ve never EATEN deviled ham, either storebought or homemade. But I saw the ham in the fridge and wanted to try something new with it and thought of deviled ham for some reason. I started with the […]

Leftover Ham Recipes

I cooked a ham last Sunday, even though there were just three of us.  (And cooked is an exaggeration… the one I bought was cooked so I really  just heated it. )  I usually follow this ham recipe because we really like the glaze.   But this one with rosemary and garlic is good, too. We […]